• 3 Tips To Find The Right Exercise Apparel

    Shopping for the right workout clothes can sometimes feel overwhelming. Nevertheless, it’s really important to wear the right clothes when you exercise because they can make your workout significantly more enjoyable. Investing in workout gear that is both stylish and comfortable can be the motivation you need to get out of bed in the morning and hit Coach Keena or Coach Chanelle’s weight lifting class!

    Workout Attire

    Of course, fashion isn’t the only point to consider when you’re shopping for workout clothes. Here are 3 tips to finding the right exercise apparel for you:

    Workout Specific
    Consider which exercises you do the most frequently and purchase the type of clothes that fits with the workout. You can’t go wrong with a fitted pair of leggings from Lululemon and/or Teeki and a light tank top. Avoid baggy pants, at least for the types of workout that we offer at the Club. You can wear shorts for Mountain Run and Fit2Run, but short-shorts are not recommended for workouts that require a lot of stretching and bending like Essentrics.

    teeki leggings

    I love these leggings from teeki. When I saw Coach Sonya Fernandez wearing them at the Club, I instantly fell in love with the funky design. The materials of the leggings are made from recycled plastic bottles and they don’t irritate the skin!

    When doing repetitive movement during a workout, you should avoid any fabrics that can irritate your skin. Workout clothes tend to be smaller than regular clothes, so instead of looking at the size, focus more on finding the right fit. To have a greater range of movement while working out, look for clothes that have a small percentage of spandex. You’ll feel more comfortable in your workout attire.

    Lululemon Top
    Lululemon tops have always been my favorite. They’re comfortable and stylish, just like this one.

    Absorption Ability
    One of the mistakes that a lot of us make when choosing our workout gear is to reach for cotton t-shirts. Cotton is comfortable, but when you sweat, the perspiration is trapped in your shirt, wearing you down and sticking to your skin. It’s recommended that you wear clothes that are made with polyester and/or Lycra fabric. Although they cost more than cotton t-shirts, they’re more durable and comfortable. You should also look for polyester and/or Lycra fiber in other exercise apparel, such as sport bras, workout pants, shorts, etc.

    Under Armor Capri Pants

    Under Armor Capri pants are amazing! They’re ultra-light and they wick sweat to keep your body dry.

    Look for workout clothes that flatter your figure so that you can hit Fitclub24 with style! It makes working out so much more fun!

    Coach Anna

    photos// leggings from teeki, top from Lululemon and capri pants from Under Armor


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