• 5 Keys For Success

    There’s no doubt that we all strive for success. Is there a formula that we can follow? How do we do it? Sean Lewis is back with a new series: the 5 keys to success! Read further to find out what they are!


    Does the behavior match the goal?

    There is one indisputable fact; when we set out on a goal there is a recipe for success. That recipe requires action and behavior that will produce results that eventually put us in proximity to our goal. Over the many years as a personal trainer I have witnessed many people that disregard this fact and fall short of their objectives.

    I think that we have a tendency to confuse what we would “like” vs what we have to “do”. Goals are not attained on a series of negotiations, they are attained by committing ourselves to the key elements that are paramount to successfully attaining our desired outcome. Simply put, if you can’t match the behavior to the goal, change the goal or change the behavior.

    Let’s look at the key elements that need to be in play for goal attainment:

    1. Clearly define your goal.
    2. Find people that have succeeded where you would like to.
    3. Ask them what they did.
    4. Follow what they did to the last detail.
    5. Recognize that if it was easy everyone would be doing it

    When we set out to make changes in our lives, results aren’t often seen or felt at the outset. We have to persevere and continuously keep our behavior in check. Remember that the recipe for success comes with a clear formula and it’s when we deviate from that formula that our goals remain elusive and seem unattainable.

    Sean Lewis.

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