• A Life-Changing Encounter

    Our Coach-Of-The-Week, Rob Rivest, never thought that one day when arriving in Montreal a new encounter would mark the beginning of a new journey that would change his life!

    If you would have told me 9 years ago on the drive to Montreal that I’d be a professional fighter/personal trainer/health coach/mentor/business owner I would have laughed out loud. I moved here solemnly to escape the doldrums of what is called Windsor, Ontario. With two thousand dollars and a will to be on my own, my father dropped me off and with a huge smile on my face I was in a whole new world and ready for a new adventure.

    Having coordinated summer camps for the better half of a decade I decided to look for work teaching at community centres and at the same time I continued to train Muay Thai at GAMMA. After a year or so, I was asked to start teaching Muay Thai at the gym and really discovered my passion for the sport and the culture. I’ve been told my whole life that I was a teacher, and now I had found what I was going to teach. Fast forward 5 years, 10,000 kicks and 20,000 punches later… I was preparing boxing gloves and pads for a private session I was about to teach. My student had decided to bring along a friend that morning, an old business partner of his. Knowing the type of people my student (we’ll call him Phil) hung around and did business with, I knew I was in for a special training session. I soon realize it was a life-changing encounter!

    It started out with introductions and asking if he (the friend) had done any previous boxing or martial arts, he informed me very promptly that he had indeed boxed and also played hockey on a semi-professional level. The class started off well, “the friend” is eager to learn but also very sure of himself. As I started to correct his movements and instruct him, it was very obvious it didn’t happen to him often (being told what to do) but he adjusted, checked his ego and followed my lead.

    This “friend” would become my leader very soon. Luckily for me, he enjoyed the training session and decided he wanted to continue with Muay Thai. After that, we started training together two to three times a week and slowly he progressed. But as I was teaching him about martial arts, he was teaching me about business and this interesting concept that was apparently exploding in Los Angeles. Now I’m sure most of you can guess the “Friend” was none other than our very own Mark Lachance. And I can tell you that I’m very happy he decided to tag along for that training session. He’s introduced me to an opportunity that is changing my life for the best, day by day, and allowing me to continue to do what I love day-in day-out. I’m going to use a quote another one of our Fit Coaches uses quite often:

    “People come into your life for a REASON, a SEASON or a LIFETIME”

    I know Mark is here for a reason, sometimes I wish it was just a season (jokes) but I know it will be for a lifetime. I’m very grateful to him for everything he’s done and all his mentoring. He pushes me to be the best Fit Coach possible.

    Rob Rivest

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