• A Story of Struggle to Triumph: 5 Steps to Success

    We hear a lot of success stories at FitClub24, but this story of struggle to triumph is probably one of the most memorable. Mark Lachance talks about how we can accomplish great things in life by following these 5 steps to success!

    Elsy Rauda

    40 pounds overweight, I have to do this” thought the young lady as she embarked on a seemingly impossible mission.

    Thump, thump, thump, step by step gasping for air like a drowning person struggling to stay above the water. Thump, thump, thump, sweat building up all over and pouring off of her head. Thump, thump, thump, step by step on her quest to scale the almost unconquerable mountain.

    Prodded on by her coach: “You can do this, let’s go, don’t give up!!!!” Thump, thump, thump, each step getting her closer to the summit. Conflicting thoughts race in and out of her mind “I can’t do it anymore….the pain is far too great….I won’t make it…….I got this….I deserve it…..I am a winner….I want more from life….I have to make it…..I won’t let myself fail!!!!

    Both negative and positive thoughts populate her brain, but something inexplicable keeps her going. Is it her coach’s incredible positive reinforcement? Is it the fact that she can’t stand being overweight any longer? Is it the fact that she can’t handle not being in control of her life? Is it all of the above?

    Thump, thump, thump, Five, Four, Three, Two, One!!! “YOU MADE IT!!!” shouts her coach. The celebration is on! She made it to the top! 575 stairs conquered! The feeling of exhilaration shoots through the air, her coach and a collection of supporters jump in intense joy as step one to her transformation was completed.

    Elsy Rauda

    Why did Elsy Rauda, like so many other FitClubbers, do it? What makes them reach for the moon and take control of their lives? What did it take for Elsy to not only conquer the mountain on that day but to continue on a quest to get fit and get in the best shape of her life?

    The answer lies in the fact that she could not take it any longer! She had enough! She could not stand the fact that she was 40 pounds overweight! She could not stand that her energy levels were at an all-time low! She wanted her confidence, vibrancy and life back and that was it!!!!

    Elsy’s story of triumph can be applied to any problem or struggle in life. Be it business or personal, any hurdle can be overcome. Do you need to lose weight? Do you have self-esteem problems? Are you having financial issues? Do you want to be world-class? If the answer is yes, then the solution is actually very simple.

    First, you need to decide to make a change now! Flip that switch in your brain and go for it. Create so much conviction in your mind so that not making the change is absolutely not an option. Second, get a strong coach or a strong somebody that will provide constant positive support. There are great coaches or friends that have the desire to help you change. Third, be persistent. There will be ups and downs but never give up, keep moving forward by surrounding yourself with positive people, positive stories and positive information. Fourth, get on a regimented system or create daily rituals that will keep you focused on moving forward. Fifth, teach others what you have learned so that it is reinforced in you and remains a part of your life.

    In summary, here are the 5 steps to making big changes in your life:

    1. Decide
    2. Seek Support
    3. Be persistent, continually feed the mind positivity
    4. Create daily rituals
    5. Teach others what you have done

    Do you need to change? What kind of life are you looking to create? The solutions to what you want are very simple, they start with a decision! Elsy did it, so you can too!!!!!!!!!

    Mark Lachance


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