• Foodie Friday: An Omelet For Breakfast

    We all know that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. For today’s Foodie Friday, Coach Chanelle shows us how to make the perfect omelet for breakfast. It’s an easy and simple recipe that everybody can follow and enjoy!

  • Star-De-La-Semaine: Sacha Lustyk

    1) Parle-nous un peu de toi.

    Je m’appelle Sacha Lustyk j’ai 24 ans et je suis chef de cuisine dans un restaurant à Montréal. J’ai quitté la France qui est mon pays d’origine pour m’installer à Montréal depuis maintenant 3 ans.

  • Destroy Your Fears

    Heart pounding and sweat building up on my forehead. “Get out of bed!” I tell myself, “Time to make it happen.” Panic shoots through me as I walk down the stairs and into my home office. I see it, the enemy, sitting there staring back at me like a wolf locked on its prey. “God do I hate that thing!” My nemesis just sits there and says nothing, almost as though it’s taunting me, and quietly laughing in my face. As I take a seat in my cold hard leather chair and stare at the enemy, my heart pounds louder and louder “Boom, Boom, Boom”. I can feel my heart in my throat, “Boom, Boom, Boom!!”. I tell myself “Do it….pick it up….dial the number!!!!”.

  • Coach-Of-The-Week: Moustafa Eldine

    Congratulations to Moustafa Eldine for being Coach-Of-The-Week! In a short period of time, Mous has inspired many people to lead a healthy active lifestyle, and as a leader, he has built a solid team of Fit Coaches who are also on the mission to help their community get in shape!

  • Foodie Friday: Strawberry and Avocado Salad

    Who says that eating healthy has to be boring? Coach Erika proves that we can be creative by showing us how to prepare this delicious (and beautiful) strawberry and avocado salad! It’s a very easy-to-follow recipe and also really healthy!

  • Star-Of-The-Week: Juan Ignacio Restrepo

    Congratulations to Juan for being our Star-Of-The-Week! Juan Ignacio Restrepo shows that if you combine proper nutrition with fitness you can get amazing results be it weight loss or weight gain!

  • A Story of Struggle to Triumph: 5 Steps to Success

    We hear a lot of success stories at FitClub24, but this story of struggle to triumph is probably one of the most memorable. Mark Lachance talks about how we can accomplish great things in life by following these 5 steps to success!

  • Coach-Of-The-Week: David Dahiroc

    When you walk into FitClub24, you often hear the name “DROC”. He’s known as the “everything guy”. He brands your shirt and coaches 3 entirely different classes. That’s David Dahiroc! He has an attitude of a champion, his energy is contagious and he’s never without a smile! No wonder why DROC has been selected as Coach-Of-The-Week!

  • Foodie Friday: Spicy Baked Chicken with Cauliflower Rice

    Last week for Foodie Friday, we talked about how quinoa can be a great substitute for rice. Today, Coach Keisha P. shows how to make cauliflower rice with spicy baked chicken!

  • Star-Of-The-Week: Victoria Lymburner

    When Victoria came to FitClub24, she had two goals in mind: get in the best shape of her life, and inspire others to do the same! She has lost over 11lbs ever since coming to the Club and her energy is through the roof! Congratulations Victoria for being our Star-Of-The-Week!