• Coach-de-la-semaine: Fadel Mlahaili

    Je m’appelle Fadel Mlahaili, j’ai 23 ans et cela fait maintenant 9 mois que je suis Fit Coach au Fitclub24. Je suis une personne très positive et très motivée, toujours prête à relever des nouveaux défis pour avancer dans la vie.

  • Coach-Of-The-Week: Adrien Lafortune

    One day I just decided to make a change. I quit my job, left England and decided to do the things that I like to do. I traveled around Europe for a bit and decided to move to Canada last year.

  • Coach-Of-The-Week: Madison Kilbourne

    I was lucky enough to be invited to FitClub24 by a good friend of mine, Vincent. I came in on a Saturday morning for a bootcamp, stayed for the Fit Coach Training and was hooked right away. I’ve been around many gyms, fitness centres and sports teams throughout my life but I have never felt such a positive and motivating energy as I did that morning! I was sure on the spot that I wanted to be part of this amazing family, decided to take the plunge and sign up as a Fit Coach.

  • Coach-Of-The-Week: Phyllis Frost

    Congratulations Phyllis Frost for being Coach-Of-The-Week! Phyllis talks about what attracted her to Fitclub24 in the first place and why she has decided to become a Fit Coach!

  • Coach-de-la-semaine: Emy Beauregard

    Je m’appelle Emy et il n’y a pas longtemps que je suis devenue Fit Coach à temps plein au FitClub Brossard. Je suis une femme passionnée, dynamique et amoureuse de la vie. Avec détermination et motivation, j’ai réussi à perdre 48 lbs et je ne me suis jamais sentie aussi bien dans ma peau!

  • Coach-Of-The-Week: Moustafa Eldine

    Congratulations to Moustafa Eldine for being Coach-Of-The-Week! In a short period of time, Mous has inspired many people to lead a healthy active lifestyle, and as a leader, he has built a solid team of Fit Coaches who are also on the mission to help their community get in shape!

  • Coach-Of-The-Week: David Dahiroc

    When you walk into FitClub24, you often hear the name “DROC”. He’s known as the “everything guy”. He brands your shirt and coaches 3 entirely different classes. That’s David Dahiroc! He has an attitude of a champion, his energy is contagious and he’s never without a smile! No wonder why DROC has been selected as Coach-Of-The-Week!

  • Coach-of-the-Week: Sandra Ben-Yedder

    Our Coach-Of-The-Week, Sandra Ben-Yedder a.ka G.I.Jane, is the perfect example of what it means to lead a healthy active lifestyle! Her character, drive and passion have made her one of the most inspiring Fit Coaches at FitClub24!

  • Coach-Of-The-Week: Scott Provencal

    It can take some time before your can discover your passion. Scott Provencal, our Coach-of-the-week, has discovered his passion for helping people lead a healthy active lifestyle and he’s sharing it at FitClub24!

  • Coach-Of-The-Week: Keisha Padayachee

    When you move to a new city, one of the challenges is to find a community of people that you can call “family”. Our Coach-Of-The-Week, Keisha Padayachee, shares with us the difficulty of being away from home and how she has found a new family and support at FitClub24. Not only does she learn about the importance of proper nutrition, but as a Fit Coach she’s now helping others lead a healthy active lifestyle!