• Coach-Of-The-Week: Bonnie Stevens

    Congratulations Bonnie Stevens for being our Coach-Of-The-Week! We call her BONFIRE for a reason: she’s always full of energy and never without a smile on her face! Her positivity is contagious and as a Fit Coach she’s inspiring many people to live a happy life while staying healthy and active. Here’s her story!

  • Coach-Of-The-Week: Erika Lizbet

    Congratulations to our Dancing Queen, Erika Lizbet, for being chosen as Coach-Of-The-Week! Read further to find out what made Erika become a Fit Coach and how she was finally able to accomplish one of her greatest passions: teach people how to dance while inspiring them to lead a healthy active lifestyle!

  • Coach-Of-The-Week: Lawrence Larry Lin

    Congratulations to Lawrence Larry Lin for being Coach-Of-The-Week! Lawrence shares with us how becoming a Fit Coach has helped him adopt better habits. Read further to find out the piece of advice from him that can change your life forever and for the better!

  • Coach-Of-The-Week: Elsy Rauda

    Congratulations Elsy Rauda for being our Coach-Of-The-Week! Elsy’s intention of getting in the best shape of her life had led her to become a Fit Coach and help others lead a healthy active lifestyle!

  • Coach-Of-The-Week: Vincent Morasse

    Congratulations to Vincent Morasse for being our Coach-Of-The-Week! Vincent shares with us how he became a Coach and what made him grow as an individual. He has a word of wisdom to share with all of us here. Read further to find out!

  • Coach-Of-The-Week: Chanelle Lavigne

    Our Coach-Of-The-Week, Chanelle Lavigne, didn’t know what to expect when she made the decision to move to Montreal. Little did she know that her life would change the moment she stepped into Fitclub24! This is her story:

  • Coach-de-la-semaine: Denis Platis

    Le début d’un mouvement commence toujours par une envie, suivie d’une passion! Denis Platis, l’un des fondateurs du FitClub24 Montréal et notre Coach-de-la-semaine, est maintenant en mission d’aider les gens de la Rive-Sud de Montréal à atteindre leurs objectifs de santé!

  • Embracing Change

    Our Health Coach-of-the-week Anabel Carrasquel talks about her initial doubt of embarking on a new journey and how she has learned to embrace change. Read further to discover how “change” has pushed Anabel to grow and move forward!

  • Finding Your Passion And Inspiring Others

    Finding your passion, getting in the best shape of your life and helping others in the process! Yes, our Coach-Of-The-Week, Gen Grenier is doing just that! Gen shares how walking into a friends’ nutrition and fitness center in Montreal over 5 months ago, dramatically changed her life!

  • The Importance of Supplementation for Healthy Living

    Our Coach-Of-The-Week, Lucie Misar, shares her story with us! As a Certified Sports Nutrition Consultant, she was convinced healthy eating would cure all! With the help of her mentor Andrea McIntosh, Lucie discovered the importance of supplementation in order to have a well balanced diet and NOW a new found career!