• What’s In Your Workout Bag?

    Has it ever happened to you when you open your workout bag and realize you forgot an essential item? In order to avoid a situation like this to occur again, the key is to prepare in advance.

  • Fashion Tips for Runners

    Anyone who would like to start running or love to run but has stopped for whatever reason, we hope that today’s article from our two running Coaches, Sandra Ben-Yedder and Romeo Figueroa, will convince you to put your running shoes on, go outside and run! Coach Sandra and Coach Romeo share with us their story, what motivate them to run, and also some fashion tips!

  • 3 Tips To Find The Right Exercise Apparel

    Shopping for the right workout attire can sometimes feel overwhelming. Nevertheless, it’s really important to wear the right clothes when you exercise because they can make your workout significantly more enjoyable. I

  • Get Comfortable for Essentrics

    Essentrics, given by co-founder and Fit Coach Sonya Fernandez, is probably one of the most popular classes at FitClub24 simply because it’s an awesome workout! It helps release tension from your body and improves your flexibility and posture.

  • What To Wear For An Intensive Workout

    Who says you can’t stay fashionable while working out? It’s all about knowing what to wear and how to pull it off. Most importantly, you want to be comfortable when you’re working out. Surprisingly, it may be difficult for some people to choose the right fitness gear for a specific workout. Depending on the class you take, you might want to think twice before choosing what to wear.