• The Story of Famous Amos: Be Authentic and Be Congruent To Your Inner Self

    This is definitely not a story about chocolate chip cookies (as we all know, cookies are loaded with refined sugars and preservatives that will seriously impair your ability to lose those inches and will prohibit your goals of getting into the best shape of your life). This is a story about following your heart and being true to yourself. Thanks to Peter Guber’s book “Tell To Win”, in which he details the story of Wally Amos, I am able to bring you this message on being authentic and congruent with your inner self.

  • Developing Confidence at the Airport

    Most people that I know make two quick pit-stops prior to boarding their flight, one is to the wash room and the other is to the gift shop. The question that I have for you once you have entered the gift shop is which one of the following magazines do you purchase; Fortune, Harvard Business Review, Cosmopolitan or People? The answer is possibly none, maybe some or it may be all.

  • Rules of Life: Relationships, Teamwork & Support

    If you were fortunate enough to have been in attendance for Theo Fleury’s epic presentation at FitClub24 last Wednesday night, count yourself extremely lucky. On his Linkedin profile, Theo’s title is Motivational Speaker. While he does provide motivation, he is far more than a man that stands on a soapbox getting you ‘fired up’ with no real substance behind his rants. His graphic description of severe sexual abuse, his initial inability to cope with the mental torture of his past, and then his ultimate triumph are mind-blowing. He is real, he is raw, and he lays his whole life story before your eyes to get his powerful message across.

  • Destroy Your Fears

    Heart pounding and sweat building up on my forehead. “Get out of bed!” I tell myself, “Time to make it happen.” Panic shoots through me as I walk down the stairs and into my home office. I see it, the enemy, sitting there staring back at me like a wolf locked on its prey. “God do I hate that thing!” My nemesis just sits there and says nothing, almost as though it’s taunting me, and quietly laughing in my face. As I take a seat in my cold hard leather chair and stare at the enemy, my heart pounds louder and louder “Boom, Boom, Boom”. I can feel my heart in my throat, “Boom, Boom, Boom!!”. I tell myself “Do it….pick it up….dial the number!!!!”.

  • A Story of Struggle to Triumph: 5 Steps to Success

    We hear a lot of success stories at FitClub24, but this story of struggle to triumph is probably one of the most memorable. Mark Lachance talks about how we can accomplish great things in life by following these 5 steps to success!

  • The Harry Korras Success Formula

    At FitClub24, our motto is “80% proper nutrition, 20% fitness and 100% mindset”. Mark Lachance is back with another article on leadership development. He shares with us some tips and advice on how to be a great entrepreneur and charismatic leader!

  • 5 Ways To Go Over The Top With Your Clients

    What do successful business people do to stay on top even during economic crises? How do they keep their clients happy? These are some questions that most business-oriented people would ask. Mark Lachance is sharing with us some tips on how you can go over the top with your clients. Apply these 5 tips and you will surely see a difference in your business!

  • Feeding The Mind With Positive Thoughts

    Mark Lachance, one of the greatest leaders at FitClub24, is sharing with us today on the importance of feeding the mind with positive thoughts. This piece of advice has helped many Fit Coaches succeed in the business and it can be applicable in all areas of our lives! Read further to find out how you can change your life for the better by eliminating negative thoughts from your mind. And guess what? It’s never too early to start!