• Coach-Of-The-Week: Chanelle Lavigne

    Our Coach-Of-The-Week, Chanelle Lavigne, didn’t know what to expect when she made the decision to move to Montreal. Little did she know that her life would change the moment she stepped into Fitclub24! This is her story:


    Last July, I made the decision to move to Montreal by myself not knowing exactly what I was going to do in. I came across FitClub24 very randomly and decided to give it a try not knowing that it would change my life!!

    I truly mean this when I say ”change my life” because I didn’t really know where I was going and what I wanted to do when I first came through those glass doors. FitClub24 really changed my perspective on healthy active living. Being a trainer, I knew the importance of nutrition and training but I had it the other way around. I finally discovered one of the missing part to reaching goals, which was the 80% nutrition and 20% training rule. This allowed me to work hard and see results for myself and also for my clients.

    Personally, the biggest thing FitClub24 brought for me was an amazing group of individuals that I would have never met if I didn’t make that decision to move. This new found support really pushes me to find out what I want for myself, professionally, emotionally and personally. This family inspires me to do better and to strive for the best. I am becoming someone that I can look up to when I was lost and confused.

    Recently, I started teaching a weight lifting class which I never thought I would do because I used to be so shy and self-conscious, but not anymore!! I now feel confident and vibrant and I enjoy it! I really love teaching a group class, there is always so much energy and everyone feels encouraged and accountable.

    As a FitClubber (member of the Club) and Fit Coach, I really just want to share the experience that FitClub brings to someone. Wether you need help with training, nutrition, motivation and sometime even not knowing what your looking for, I can assure that you will find something to hold on to, keep you grounded and reach that Level10!

    Are you looking to change lives?



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