• Coach-Of-The-Week: David Dahiroc

    When you walk into FitClub24, you often hear the name “DROC”. He’s known as the “everything guy”. He brands your shirt and coaches 3 entirely different classes. That’s David Dahiroc! He has an attitude of a champion, his energy is contagious and he’s never without a smile! No wonder why DROC has been selected as Coach-Of-The-Week! 

     Fit Coach David Dahiroc

    Ever since I started coming to FitClub24, people do not recognize me anymore. All I hear is “David, where is the other half?!”.

    I really didn’t know what to expect when I was first introduced to FitClub24 by my sister. I was used to heavy weights, MMA cages, punching bags, and free weights scattered around the gym floors. I asked my sister what is this “Mickey Mouse place?!”

    After 4 months of being a FitClubber, I had already lost more weight than in my previous 5 years of training, and all it took this time was an open-mind, perseverance, dedication, a “don’t give up attitude, and most importantly, the support of my coach Sean Lewis and the rest of the FitClub24 community.

    My results spoke for themselves and made me want to help others, so all of a sudden I was a Fit Coach. In no time at all, I found myself teaching 3 classes a week at the club (HITT, Titan Training, and Thursday lunch boot camp), and became known as Coach DROC.

    Being a Fit Coach for nearly a year has taught me patience, sacrifice, how to be humble, and to practice what you preach. I’ve learned the valuable lesson of never giving up on your team, your clients, and most of all yourself. As with any job, or in life in general, there are always ups and downs. For me, a simple smile can go a long way.

    After nearly a year of being a Fit Coach, I’ve realized what my true goals are. I want to educate, help, and show people of all shape and age how to get in shape and stay healthy…FOR LIFE!

    If I could do it, anyone can. It may take quite a few steps, but taking the first step is the biggest and most important decision one can make. At first it will be a chore, then it becomes a habit, and finally you become obsessed!

    I started living by a quote from an unknown source:

    “Obsessed is the word used by the lazy to describe the dedicated.”

    How dedicated are you?

    FitClub24 will quickly teach you, as it taught me, that if anyone tries to bring you down, or tell you it can’t be done, yell back “bring the noise, it’s go time!” This is what champions do.

    Thanks to FitClub24 for choosing me as Coach-Of-The-Week! It’s an honor and privilege to have been able to coach, and learn from other coaches, how to change lives. My definition of a true leader is someone who continues to learn and grow, and being chosen as Fit Coach of the week will only motivate me even more to improve my overall health and help others!

    Thank you FitClub24



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