• Coach-Of-The-Week: Keisha Padayachee

    When you move to a new city, one of the challenges is to find a community of people that you can call “family”. Our Coach-Of-The-Week, Keisha Padayachee, shares with us the difficulty of being away from home and how she has found a new family and support at FitClub24. Not only does she learn about the importance of proper nutrition, but as a Fit Coach she’s now helping others lead a healthy active lifestyle!

    Now that my Facebook wall is always filled with exercising photos and healthy foods, my Facebook inbox is filled with messages saying “really Keisha? You were the most unhealthy person I knew!” FitClub24 has definitely changed my life for the better!

    Keisha Padayachee

    Moving away from my small town in Saskatchewan at the age of 17 was not exactly good for my diet and finding a community somewhere else was particularly difficult. I lacked a sense of support and family in Montreal, and despite growing up in a family of doctors, I did not understand the importance of proper nutrition. I also lacked the knowledge of what I wanted to do in the future, so I decided to study biology at McGill University because of my interest and upbringing in the health and medical field. However, the profession of a doctor didn’t really suit me. Therefore, I was lacking future goals, lacking family and support in Montreal, and proper nutrition. That’s not a very good combination. Discovering FitClub24 was truly inspiring for me and being a Fit Coach has allowed me to help others improve their health and also improve my own, and my family’s health. I have learned a lot about myself and FitClub24 has inspired me to switch programs at McGill from biology to nutrition.

    FitClub24 is a place that helps you grow, whether mentally, physically, or financially. What I was lacking, I gained very quickly from FitClub24. I gained a sense of direction and future goals, proper nutrition for myself and my family, and most importantly I gained the support that I really needed and a sense of family in Montreal. My journey with FitClub24 has been extremely eye-opening and I owe my growth here to my amazing coach and friend, Sonya Fernandez, and to all of the other amazing and motivational members of my FitClub24 family!


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