• Coach-Of-The-Week: Scott Provencal

    It can take some time before your can discover your passion. Scott Provencal, our Coach-of-the-week, has discovered his passion for helping people lead a healthy active lifestyle and he’s sharing it at FitClub24!

    Fit-Coach Scott Provencal

    The world of health and fitness took me by surprise in the mid-90s when I was given a couple of books on Natural Health. I made a complete turnaround and became vegetarian – but it was all for ME. About 12 years later when I was recovering from a major vehicle accident, I became depressed. I came across Life Coaching for encouragement and decided to become a Coach myself. I studied and became certified in 8 different coaching modules, including Weight Loss Coaching. That’s when my passion for better health changed to wanting to help others. After being introduced to FitClub24 late last year, I immediately saw it as the perfect fit to my passion for helping others discover better health and more confidence from eating right and getting in shape.

    FitClub24 is a very welcoming place. I have a lot of pride in saying that we are SO not like traditional gyms, although they have their place. We’re a community of like-minded coaches and clients, all trying to get in the best shape of our lives no matter where we are now, what age, what background, what shape and size. It’s a pleasure to work around and be a part of such an awesome community!

    In the past 5 months as a Fit Coach here at FitClub24, I’ve learned that if a person REALLY wants something – they can achieve it. I have seen incredible transformations of people who got onto a nutrition and fitness program with us and stuck to it. I myself did that and lost 16.4lbs, 8.3% body fat and dropped 2 visceral fat points in just 3 months! And hey, my metabolic age is 16 years younger than my real age, and I got a 6-pack to boot!!

    Scott Provencal

    I admit that being a Fitness & Nutrition Coach is not easy sometimes. When you know you have something so many need, but they don’t see it, or when I’m ready and willing to invest 120% to help someone, but they’re not willing to invest in themselves, I find that sad and frustrating. People spend tons of money on junk food, snacks, eating out or ordering in, but are not willing to save a lot of that money and invest in a healthy active lifestyle. Still, the joy of seeing those who take the challenge and succeed is rewarding!

    Everyone at FitClub24 is at a different place, and has different values and goals for their body shape, finances, and future. As a Fit Coach, I’m happiest when my life is simple. I workout to feel and look good. I follow my nutrition and fitness program to be healthy inside. I’m a Fit Coach because I think it’s an honorable career, and people need what I do. I believe if I focus on giving value first, my career will continue to grow. I think I’m pretty blessed to be able to do what I do.

    Coach Scott Provencal


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