• Destroy Your Fears

    Heart pounding and sweat building up on my forehead. “Get out of bed!” I tell myself, “Time to make it happen.” Panic shoots through me as I walk down the stairs and into my home office. I see it, the enemy, sitting there staring back at me like a wolf locked on its prey. “God do I hate that thing!” My nemesis just sits there and says nothing, almost as though it’s taunting me, and quietly laughing in my face. As I take a seat in my cold hard leather chair and stare at the enemy, my heart pounds louder and louder “Boom, Boom, Boom”. I can feel my heart in my throat, “Boom, Boom, Boom!!”. I tell myself “Do it….pick it up….dial the number!!!!”.

    Destroy Your Fears

    Do you fear the phone worse than death? Does making a cold call strike major anxiety in the pit of your stomach? Does approaching somebody with an offer make you shrivel in fear? Does speaking in public make you want to run and hide? If you are a young business person, sales person or entrepreneur starting out, I am pretty sure that something similar to what I described above has happened to you.


    This has happened to everybody at one time or another. Everybody is afraid in the beginning, everybody at one time lacked the self-esteem and self-confidence necessary to let rejection roll off of their back. The question is how do you fight this fear? How do you overcome it and slay that fear dragon?

    There are many strategies to get you in the proper mindset to climb this Mount Everest. Here are some approaches to overcome your fears:

    The first strategy is what I call the Dwight Shrute strategy of sales. If any of you are fans of The Office, you may have seen the episode in which Dwight and Jim go out on sales calls together. Dwight’s strategy to get into the proper positive elevated mindset was to blast rock music in his car. He would get so fired up as a result of the blaring music that he would forget his fears and go in and make the sale.

    The second way is similar to above; elevate your heart rate by physically working out vigorously prior to approaching any possible sales targets. Elevating your heart rate by training gets the blood flowing and the endorphins firing resulting in a shift in your focus.

    The third approach is to simply create a mantra. By creating a mantra and repeating it several hundred times also takes the focus off of the situation at hand and consolidates your energy to the positive. A mantra can be something like the following; “I am fearless, courageous and powerful.” or anything that might resonate with you. The important thing is that the words are powerful and that you repeat them over and over.

    Soar with the eagles and don’t walk with the pigeons. Find a group of like-minded individuals. By teaming up with others that have gone through what you are going through provides the support that you need to break through. They will also provide you with that extra nudge or strategy when you need it most!

    Flood your brain with positive information, feed it EVERY SINGLE DAY. This is a common theme in my blog posts but there is no substitute for reading the right books! Start with The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari then go to Think and Grow Rich and then download anything by Eric Thomas or Tony Robbins.

    If you implement all of these strategies you will be well on your way to DESTROYING your fears!!!

    Please let us know of your strategies to overcoming your fears, we want to know!
    Mark Lachance


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