• Developing Confidence at the Airport

    Most people that I know make two quick pit-stops prior to boarding their flight, one is to the wash room and the other is to the gift shop. The question that I have for you once you have entered the gift shop is which one of the following magazines do you purchase; Fortune, Harvard Business Review, Cosmopolitan or People? The answer is possibly none, maybe some or it may be all.


    If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, leader, sales person or manager then I would hope that the answer is some. Developing confidence through reading is one of the most powerful forms of personal and leadership development that you can do. Are you reaching for Harvard Business Review? Fortune? Fast Company? Entrepreneur? Fortune or Wired? If so, a big BRAVO to you! Confidence is absolutely self-generated. Confidence is related to taking actions, actions that produce results that create confidence. Does reading about Justin Bieber being arrested yet again build any confidence? Does reading about the latest trend in Botox further your pursuit of self-mastery? The answer to this is pretty obvious. Let’s ask these same questions a bit differently; does reading an article in the Harvard Business Review entitled “The New Basics of Marketing” increase your confidence? Does reading an interview with President Drew Faust of Harvard University in Fast Company further your pursuit of self-mastery? The answer to this is pretty obvious as well. A major component of confidence is focusing, deciding and acting. You need to truly focus on what you want and if that is becoming a successful leader in your domain, then decide today that you will take a step to first throw away that People magazine, and to second reach for the newest addition of HBR! Training your brain is exactly like lifting weights to strengthen a muscle. If you don’t consistently engage your muscles with physical activity several times per week along with feeding them with proper nutrition then nothing will happen. Continuous and habitual action is a must to increase that muscle and the same goes for your brain.

    95% of your day is habit. 

    There is no improvement in life unless you make changes in life. Changes can be painful as you are leaving the familiar behind. I implore you to make those changes that may be painful at first, but will have a long lasting positive effect on you by creating new empowering habits.

    Developing confidence is all about changing knowledge, attitudes and skill sets. Get in the habit of reading Harvard Business Review and Fortune as that habit will certainly change your attitudes, skill sets and knowledge!!!


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