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    Anyone who would like to start running or love to run but has stopped for whatever reason, we hope that today’s article from our two running Coaches, Sandra Ben-Yedder and Romeo Figueroa, will convince you to put your running shoes on, go outside and run! Coach Sandra and Coach Romeo share with us their story, what motivate them to run, and also some fashion tips!

    Coach Romeo and Coach Sandra
    Coach Sandra:
    I started running in 2011 after seeing a YouTube video for TEAM IN TRAINING with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Team in Training provides new and experienced runners the opportunity to be part of a community with the objective of raising funds to fight blood cancer. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada supports research, patient services, and fundraising for leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma.

    At the time, my cousin Carmela LoDico was diagnosed with Leukemia and I knew this was the best way for me to help, lend support and raise awareness. It’s with great sadness that I write that my cousin didn’t survive. I ran every single day pushing myself harder because I knew I was running my first half marathon with my angel by my side. I knew that the funds I was raising would help another family and eventually lead to life-saving research. We’re very lucky to wake up every day, to have functional legs, a beating heart and ultimately our health.

    The human body is made to run and I highly recommend that everyone runs. It doesn’t have to be a 5km or a 10km or a 21km or a 42km but run your heart out, enjoy the outdoors and be grateful for your health. Since my first running experience (a half marathon in San Diego), I’ve ran two more half marathons and one Olympic distance Triathlon with Team in Training. This first experience then led me to ESPRIT DE CORPS, where I participated in my first relay event running Montreal-NYC IN 2012 (over 90km in 3 days). I’m now a part-time coach with Esprit de Corps doing events like this once or twice a year and getting more and more people and companies involved in running and team building activities.


    Coach Romeo:
    I started running in El Salvador after I had an injury that stopped me from playing basketball and soccer during my college years. While I was recovering, the doctor recommended that I run and that’s what I did. I started running 1.5-5km distances and participated at the Youth games, winning third place for the 1,500m division. Soon after I fell in love with running! I started to run longer distances and won second place in 1992.

    Coach Romeo Running
    Later I moved to Canada and I became sedentary. It was only last year when I came to Fitclub24 that I started to get back into shape. A nice surprise awaited for me in January at Fitclub24 when Coach Sandra Ben-Yedder started Fit2Run during the winter season! I never thought of running in the cold or even when the track is covered with snow. I slowly got into it and ran my first 10K in Canada during a snowy day!

    One day, Coach Sandra approached me and asked me if I wanted to take on the class. I didn’t hesitate to say “yes”. I’m grateful for the opportunity to fill her (running) shoes. My goal is to help people incorporate running into their fitness program (all levels).

    What’s your favorite running accessory and why?

    Coach Sandra:
    My favorite running accessory of all time is the TWIST compression socks performance and recuperation. The first and only two-in-one sock! It performs and recovers in one twist!

    Twist Socks

    The unique design of the Twist socks is revolutionary. Wear the Twist socks during your activity. When you’re finished, push them down to your ankle, twist them outward 180 degrees then pull them back up. You simply invert the colors (the color in front is now in the back and vice-versa) and you now have a recovery sock! Twisting the sock not only increases the compression by 5 mmHg, but it also helps push the toxins out of your lower leg. The higher compression zone that was on the shin is now directly on your calf. You can get these Twist socks from EC3D.

    Other benefits of the Twist socks include:

    • Enhance blood circulation
    • Arch support
    • Padding heel and toe
    • Great for travelling
    • Seamless toe for extreme comfort
    • Unisex

    The medical industry has recognized the healing benefits of compression garments for posture issues, hernias, degenerative diseases and other ailments. The surface pressure that compression garments provide improves blood circulation, which delivers more oxygen to working muscles. Better circulation also enables the body to eliminate lactic acid and other metabolic wastes that can cause muscle fatigue. Since compression garments also stabilize the musculoskeletal structure, they can prevent and even treat injury once it occurs.

    EC3D Sports GarmentCoach Sandra is wearing EC3D garment.

    What’s your favorite brand for running shoes?
    Coach Sandra: My absolute favorite running shoes are MIZUNO!

    Running Shoes
    Coach Romeo: I highly recommend NIKE running shoes. I love the fact that they’re flexible, very light, and adaptable to your feet. Not too loose and definitely not too tight, just the right size so it’s unlikely that you’ll get blisters. Wearing nice dry-fit workout clothes is highly recommended.

    NIKE running shoes

    The Fit2Run class is on Saturday at 8:15am

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