• Feeding The Mind With Positive Thoughts

    Mark Lachance, one of the greatest leaders at FitClub24, is sharing with us today on the importance of feeding the mind with positive thoughts. This piece of advice has helped many Fit Coaches succeed in the business and it can be applicable in all areas of our lives! Read further to find out how you can change your life for the better by eliminating negative thoughts from your mind. And guess what? It’s never too early to start!

    Lucas Lachance

    The first question is: ‘Why do I want to feed the mind with positive thoughts in the first place?”.

    Without getting very spiritual, the answer to this question is simple; it’s called the Law of Attraction. If you desire to become a successful coach, business person, athlete, friend, parent or wife/husband, you simply will not do so by harbouring negative thoughts. Nothing is attracted to negativity accept negativity.

    Success on the outside indeed begins with success on the inside” (pg. 51 ‘Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’)    

    I recently read “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” by Robin Sharma (I highly recommend it by the way). One of the major themes throughout the book is the idea of consistently feeding the mind with positive thoughts, positive energy and positive information.

    In a world in which you are constantly bombarded with negativity from the news, your circle of friends, family or from social media, how do you get away from it?

    The answer to this question has revealed itself over the years to actually be a simple one; you CANNOT allow any negative thoughts into the fertile garden of your mind.

    “The Price of Greatness is Responsibility over each of your thoughts” Winston Churchill  

    How do you do this? How do you eradicate negativity from your life?

    Here are some very simple tools on how to start attracting positivity:

    1. Throw away that People or Cosmo magazine and start on Personal Development. Any book by Sharma is a great way to start. Feed your mind with positive information and you will begin to see a difference immediately. In fact, I have a list of my Top 15 must reads (If you want it just message).
    2. Turn off the news, its a waste of time and is the worst source of negative information.
    3. Your circle of friends is perhaps your best source of positive energy. Start gravitating towards people that lift you up and move away from people that knock you down.
    4. Find a place like FitClub24 that is a constant source of positive and motivating energy. You are what your surroundings are and finding a group that is supportive is imperative to personal growth.
    5. Use a concept called Opposition Thinking; this concept works in such a way that whenever a negative thought pops into your head, immediately replace it by a positive one.
    6. Tools like an app called Win Streak which forces you to write down 3 wins of the day are incredible for positive focus.

    To conclude; your mind certainly has the power to attract everything that you want in life and there is no time to fill the mind with any thought other than a positive one.

    As Sharma writes on Page 41; “If you care for your mind, if you nurture it and if you cultivate it just like a fertile, rich garden, it will blossom far beyond your expectations.”

    Mark Lachance


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