• Finding Your Passion And Inspiring Others

    Finding your passion, getting in the best shape of your life and helping others in the process! Yes, our Coach-Of-The-Week, Gen Grenier is doing just that! Gen shares how walking into a friends’ nutrition and fitness center in Montreal over 5 months ago, dramatically changed her life!


    Back in June 2013, my dear high school friend Sonya invited me to visit her new nutrition and fitness centre in montreal, FitClub24. Within the next 2 weeks I got my act together and decided to try an outdoor bootcamp. The energy and the community of FitClub24 blew me away. From that point on I started coming twice a week and also stuck to my training schedule at Energie Cardio 4 times a week. By the end of October Coach Sonya asked me, yet again, to come in for my wellness evaluation and to step onto the Tanita scale. Ouch!!!! I weighed in at 160 lbs with 38.6% body fat, a visceral fat of 7 and 49 years old according to “Mr. Tanita”. Reality shock!!!

    I was very reluctant about the Herbalife nutrition program because I kept telling myself that shakes wouldn’t replace my meals. But at this point, if it could help me lose weight I’d try it for a month. Never would I have thought that it would change my life. Within days my energy was through the roof, within a week my pants were looser and within a little over a month I lost 15 lbs. My initial goal was to lose 10 lbs by my birthday. I had 3 weeks to get those pounds off and I DID IT! From then on out, I kept on setting small attainable goals and I’ve hit them every single time. I’m now down 20 lbs, 8% body fat, visceral is 4 and 11 years younger. What I’ve found through FitClub24 is priceless… a new me. I went from lacking confidence to being tremendously positive and outgoing.

    After getting my results on the program, I suddenly had the desire to help others attain their goals. So I decided to become a Fit Coach. I have been able to acquire incredible knowledge through FitClub’s mentors, colleagues and continuous training that is offered. You know you’ve found something great when every time the elevator doors open on the second floor, you get hit by an immense feeling of happiness. I now realize that this is my true calling, my passion. I was born to motivate and inspire others. I will strive to become the best Fit Coach I can be. I will keep setting goals and achieving them (whether physically or mentally) because in me there’s a new found fighter, a warrior, a Titan!

    GenGrenier – Fit Coach


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