• Foodie Friday – Ideas for a Healthy Lunch

    Foodie Friday – Ideas for a Healthy Lunch

    Sometimes we run out of ideas and inspiration when it comes to what we should pack for lunch. It can be especially difficult if you are trying to maintain a balanced and healthy diet!

    Have no fear, Foodie Friday is here!!! Here are some great suggestions for a healthy lunch. Don’t be shy to mix and match items from different recipes. The key is to pick a protein, add a whole grain and choose some vegetables. You can also add some healthy fat for flavor.

    1.   Carrot-pineapple smoothie: Blend protein powder with milk or soy milk, cooked carrots and canned pineapple.

    2.  Mix plain Greek-style yogurt with a little honey and almond butter and top with fresh berries; plain baby carrots on the side.

    3.   Mash canned salmon with avocado on whole grain crackers; have a side of fresh cherry tomatoes.

    4.   Mix cooked quinoa with diced roasted chicken breast, artichoke hearts, roasted peppers, vinaigrette dressing.

    5.   Spread a whole grain tortilla with mustard; layer with roasted turkey breast, tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, shredded carrots; roll up and slice.

    6.   Mix cooked black beans with diced cucumber, tomato, celery, avocado, cilantro; toss with salsa.

    7.  Top low fat cottage cheese with chopped cucumber, celery, carrots, peppers; season with salt and black pepper; enjoy with a few whole grain crackers.

    8.  Mix together cooked lentils with finely chopped kale, sliced orange, red onion; dress with plain Greek-style yogurt seasoned with salt, pepper, curry powder.

    9.  Salad of mixed greens and veggies topped with crumbled veggie burger; dress with olive oil vinaigrette.

    10.  Whole grain pita bread spread with hummus; stuffed with chopped vegetables and sliced hard-boiled eggs.