• Foodie Friday – Vegan Gluten-Free Alfredo Pasta

    Here it is! 😀

    Vegan gluten-free Alfredo pasta. Yes really.

    Pasta is probably one of my favorite foods. It’s easy to make, cheap and seriously delicious..only I feel 80 and pregnant after I eat it. Not so great. Today’s wheat is genetically modified and thus much harder to digest as we don’t have the required enzymes. It also causes bloating and spiking sugar levels. Plus stabbing pains… ok that’s probably just me. Instead of pasta, I use zucchini! The texture is similar and you’re getting more vegetables in your diet, which is always rad.


    Alfredo sauce is God in liquid form, but that butter creaminess ain’t great for the waistline, so I use pine nuts to make it. “Save animals, save your thighs”? I bet that could work for the vegan movement 😉

    Zoodles (Zucchini noodles):
    -1 zucchini per serving

    Alfredo sauce:
    -1/2 cup of pine nuts
    -75 ml of water
    -Nutritional yeast for that cheesy flavor and vitamin B12 😀
    -Garlic to taste

    1. Cut zucchini with either a spiralizer or into thin spaghetti-type noodles. The latter could take some practice.
    2. Combine all the ingredients for the sauce into a blender. Now dance. Just kidding, blend obviously.
    3. Heat your stove to low-med and throw everything into a pan until it’s nice and warm.

    Instead of water, you can add some sort of milk if you like. You can also use cashews instead of pine nuts!

    This recipe is incredibly basic, so I encourage you to mix it up. I added sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms and store-bought pesto. You can also add tomato sauce for a rosee affect, soy sauce for an Asian fusion thing or spices like curry. Add some form of protein in there too (tofu, shrimp, chicken, Herbalife’s flavorless protein powder wink wink).

    I’m now gonna say the thing everyone says at the end of a recipe:
    The possibilities are endless.


    No but really, the best trick I can give is to give in to cravings, but modify them. If you want ice cream, make it with bananas. If you want chips, make kale chips. You can’t go wrong 😉

    Have a splendid week
    -Coach Siouxie

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