• Get Comfortable for Essentrics

    Essentrics, given by co-founder and Fit Coach Sonya Fernandez, is probably one of the most popular classes at FitClub24 simply because it’s an awesome workout! It helps release tension from your body and improves your flexibility and posture.


    It may look easy at first but wait until you try the class, you’ll feel the burn! It’s nothing like a bootcamp or a body circuit class. Essentrics is all about stretching and toning so why not be comfortable while doing it?

    We asked Sonya and Gen Grenier, also Fit Coach at the Club, to give us some recommendations on what to wear when doing Essentrics. These ladies know how to look sexy and fashionable for a workout!

    1) What’s Essentrics?

    The creator of Essentrics Miranda Esmonde-White, defines it as a workout that “dynamically combines strengthening and stretching to develop a strong toned body with the complete ability of moving each joint and muscle freely and with full range of motion.” Anybody can do it regardless of their fitness level.


    It’s recommended to do Essentrics at least once a week, but preferably twice . The best thing to do is to incorporate it with a more intense workout such as weight lifting, bootcamp and body circuit. The Montreal Canadians have been incorporating Essentrics into their workout routine and it has helped them with their flexibility.

    2) What would you recommend us to wear during an Essentrics class, and why?

    You need to get comfortable for Essentrics! Wearing a light tank-top and leggings are highly recommended for women. “Booty shorts” are not ideal since there’s a lot of lunging and bending involved. You can also wear leg warmers as you do a lot of leg and calf work. As for men, shorts and a light t-shirt are recommended.





    The idea is to get comfortable when doing Essentrics since there’s a lot of stretching involved.

    3) Is there a specific type of fabric that you recommend us to wear?

    You should wear stretchy and breathable workout attire. You can find everything you need to stay comfortable and fashionable at Lululemon and Teeki.


    Lululemon is an amazing store! Their philosophy on building a community is perfectly aligned with ours. They produce the most amazing products! Their leggings are comfortable, durable and perfect for doing Essentrics. The staff (called “educators”) can help you find the perfect style that suits your body. You can find Lululemon retail stores all over North America or purchase online at www.lululemon.com.


    We also love environmentally friendly online stores like Teeki. Their products are made from recycle plastic bottles and the material feels amazing on the body! You’ll find fun, funky and original patterns. You can buy the leggings online at www.teeki.com or at the Moksha Yoga studio located at Notre-Dame-de-Grace.


    Sonya Fernandez is wearing Teeki leggings.

    Gen Gren is wearing Lululemon leggings and sport bra.


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