• Healthy Living: Bringing It All Together!

    For the past month, Health Guru, Sean Lewis, explained in detail the 4 simple ways to live a healthy life, The 4 R’s being REST, RECREATION, RELATIONSHIPS & REGIMENTED NUTRITION! In today’s post, Sean concludes this blog series and explains how important it is to combine all these R’s together.

    For the past month we examined the importance of the 4 major pillars of health. In our ever growing complex world we have mistakenly ignored the most basic elements of human well-being. In today’s post, let’s finalize these points and make them stick!

    One of the top reasons that people consult a primary care practitioner is to report fatigue. It wouldn’t be a stretch of the imagination to say that we can all in some way relate to this. Our working hours have high demands on productivity and personal time is seemingly non-existent. Without the proper strategy, we can find ourselves burned out, gaining weight, and feeling disconnected from life.

    Our modern approach to healing is somewhat compartmentalized in that we treat symptoms and not causes. If we just take a moment to look at the list of possible symptoms one can suffer with due to fatigue alone, I ask you, how can we treat all these symptoms without resolving the primary cause? Just think about this; fatigue alone can cause increased symptoms of depression, disorientation, global body pains, nausea, recurring dizziness, tightness of breath, migraines, skin irritations, chronic digestion problems, sugar cravings, weight gain, and lowered immunity. Treat that!

    Before people start ripping modern health care apart, I postulate that the problem isn’t with doctors and the pharmaceutical industry, but with us. Medicine was never intended to treat human disregard for personal health. Someone that neglects their well-being can become host to lifestyle related illness. Simply put, why would any intervention short of lifestyle change help us?

    There can be no doubt that modern life has created certain obstacles that make practicing a healthy lifestyle a challenge. We have to meet these new challenges with a plan of action because excuses won’t resolve our present health dilemmas. It’s critical that we all recognize that participating in a healthy lifestyle is not as complicated as some may think. Acknowledging that getting up and involving ourselves in some sort of RECREATION can have massive influence on our well-being and life expectancy. RELATIONSHIPS are perhaps our most essential element for healthy living, and finding time to be with people we love can yield a sense of belonging and connection to a deep feeling of well-being. REGIMENTED nutrition is our safeguard against the lure of foods and cravings in our day to day lives. In our fast paced world we need to acknowledge that having REST is not a choice but a necessity. By understanding that there are essentially 4 pillars that are the key determinants of health we can at least have a starting point.

    Sean Lewis

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