• Healthy Living: Regimented Nutrition

    Our Health Guru, Sean Lewis ends this series about the 4 Pillars Of Health with Regimented Nutrition. Read further to find out why it is so important to have a regime in order to lead a healthy active lifestyle!

    No one can deny that what we are is what we eat. Sadly this doesn’t seem to effect many peoples choices when it comes to nutrition. Our busy lifestyles are making it harder and harder to adhere to better eating habits. When people are surveyed on what they think they should change in their behavior regarding their health, food is on the top of the list. Clearly a little advice on how to get a more regimented approach to our meal plan would go a long way. That’s the key to a healthy living. You’re just in luck because this week’s post is our 4th pillar of health and that’s regimented nutrition.

    People ask me why I call my fourth pillar “regimented nutrition”. They fell it has certain connotations toward strict, serious, and doesn’t represent how we should look at food. The problem that has evolved out of our modern food industry is that while we have the privilege to play with food and glamorize it, it has become so accessible that practically no one in our western culture is without food choices at every moment of their day.

    Without structure and discipline, we can all eat ourselves toward disease.

    The human body was just never intended to indulge in such massive consumption of food. Marketing companies and the food industry work in close collaboration to keep us hooked on food and help to make consumption easy, cheap, and delicious. We don’t only see food on our plate but now just a simple glance on Instagram or Facebook and you’re exposed to the human fascination with food. Simply put, food is everywhere!

    It’s clear that we need a better strategy in our day to day routine. After all it’s in routine where most of our successes and failures are brought forth. If you think about the average day, we are exposed to fairly high levels of stress, and time constraints, that can all lead to fatigue. What many people are unaware of is that stress and fatigue can provoke irresistible cravings for high quick release energy foods such as sugar and starch. This is precisely the cause of mid afternoon sweet snack cravings. It’s our body’s way of seeking an energy surge when we’re feeling the weight of the day on our shoulders. So the question remains, what can we do in the greatest chunk of our day (the routine part of our lives) that will determine whether we are successful in managing healthier nutrition?

    3 Simple Ways To Manage Healthier Nutrition:

    1. Bring simple easy snacks with you. If you leave snacking choices to the office vending machine, you’re in trouble. Snack ideas are nuts, chopped vegetables, regular yogurts, boiled eggs, avocado’s, a small container of cottage cheese, and don’t forget to reach for a bottle of water. Sometimes just drinking water curbs your appetite.

    2. Stress and fatigue are the number one causes of food cravings. Did you know that an argument with a colleague or loved one can make you crave a coffee crisp? Check out my previous post to see why! A simple thing like a good night sleep can significantly reduce the chance of experiencing uncontrollable cravings during the day.

    3. Work with a structured nutrition plan. If you have a structured plan of action to follow you won’t leave food choices to spontaneous acts on the fly.

    Having a regime is key to a health active lifestyle. We know that our food choices are one of the major pillars to optimal health and in our busy lives where food is ever present, we need a plan. Our plan will inevitably safeguard us against those poor choices that we make when we let our emotions or frustrations be the guiding forces in our nutritional practices.

    Sean Lewis

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