• Keys To Success: Clearly Define Your Goals

    Last week, Sean Lewis introduced the 5 keys to success. The first one is to “Clearly Define Your Goals”. You probably heard it before, but Sean goes further by giving us tips on how to stay focus and to avoid deviating from our goals!


    Anyone that is familiar with driving instructions will recall the phrase, “look to where you want to go.” The reason for this expression is that where you shift your vision to, your physiology will make minor adjustments to make you move toward your gaze. You can easily observe this in practice. When you’re driving, if someone directs your attention to look at something, the car will slightly deviate in the direction you look.

    I truly believe that the “look where you want to go” expression plays out in everything we do. Many people will attest to the fact that when they become distracted and take their eyes off of their goals, they experience evident setbacks. It’s imperative that you never lose focus on where you want to goYour probability of success is directly correlated to the clarity of your vision of your goal. The more clearly you see where you want to be the more your physiology will make subtle shifts to allow that to happen.

    Unfortunately there is a flip side to this story. If you look to where you don’t want to go, you will have the tendency to move in that direction. Let me clarify this with a personal story. When I was a young man I played fairly competitive intercity soccer. I was a very strong defenseman but a lousy forward. My goal scoring capability was particularly weak. On the other hand, my ability to run down a breakaway and save the day was a huge asset to the team. One very blustery day for whatever reason of momentary lack of judgement, my coach called on me to make a penalty shot. My heart raced, the wind was blowing hard from the left side of the field across to the right. I remember clearly telling myself that if I missed I would blame the strong winds which would force the ball to the right of the net. I took the kick and where do you think the ball went? If you guess wide of the net to the right, you’re correct.

    Moral of this story is that you need to clearly define where you want to go; what is your goal? Make the goal compelling and full of detail. Keep your eyes on that goal and where you want to go. Never mind where you don’t want to go, if you’re looking for change, chances are you’re already where you don’t want to be. Look ahead on the horizon away from where you are and no matter how hard those winds try and blow you off track, keep looking where you want to go.

    Sean Lewis.

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