• Keys to Success: Follow What They Did To The Last Detail

    Sean Lewis, our Humble Health Guru, is back with his Keys to Success serie! Today, he shares with us the fourth key to success: follow what they (your mentor) did to the last detail! Read further to learn more about this important element!


    In my last post I discussed the importance of seeking out a mentor and setting the stage for action by asking that person exactly what they did to attain their success. It is imperative that we follow their recipe but we are all too familiar with that mental chatter inside our head that gets in our way. We make excuses and find reasons why we can’t adhere to the plan or the behavior necessary for the change we’re after. I mentioned in the previous article that there were two personality types that were a particular challenge. There are however, some people that are willing to dig deep and find the behavior necessary to change. They just don’t follow the precise recipe long enough to make it work. Following the guidance of those we seek out for help is critical but knowing how long it may take and being very honest with ourselves can make the difference between success and frustration.

    I don’t like to confuse people with too many facts to remember when trying to apply change systematically to their circumstances. For this reason I propose that there are three phases to be mindful of. We have an Initiation phase, Learning phase, and Success phase.

    Initiation is simply the earliest stage of our journey. This is where we are introduced to the new basic behavioral changes that are essential if we are to even embark on a path of change. This shouldn’t be overwhelming as the individual has built no skills as of yet to overcome too much hardship. Many people can spend months or years teeter tottering back and forth battling just the commitment to try and change. Some people accelerate quickly through this phase.

    The second is the Learning phase which is that period when we are past wanting to get started and have committed to follow the recipe given to us by our mentor. There is one problem with the learning phase, some of us just never learn. We live in a fast paced world and we have become impatient and rewards just don’t come fast enough. We want immediate gratification, wealth, and happiness all in a short period of invested time and energy. The time that it takes between initiation and goal attainment is the learning phase and this is the period of the curve that people just can’t be bothered with. The learning phase is what makes our goal attainment sustainable. Without a solid foundation of behavior patterns and learned skills, our success can be short lived and won’t stand up to turbulence. Unlike the initiation phase, we should spend the greatest portion of our time here. Applying what we learn, learning from our mistakes and successes, then repeating the process. This phase will never end and depending on our life goals we should never stop learning.

    Knowing how long we should spend in each phase of growth is a very individual question. One thing is certain, as I mentioned above, some of us give up too soon when we don’t see the immediate rewards or encounter too much conflict. Many of us become frustrated far too soon and abandon what very well may have been working but we just didn’t give it enough time.

    Stay tuned to learn about the last key to success.

    Sean Lewis.

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