• Keys To Success: If It Was Easy Everyone Would Be Doing It

    Many of us love the idea of success but not so much working for success. One of the keys to success is recognizing that if it was easy, everyone would do itSean Lewis, our Humble Health Guru, shares with us the last key to success of this series.


    Perhaps one of the factors in goal attainment that we grapple with the most is precisely how much work we need to put into making our dreams a reality. We’ve heard time again that “if it was easy everyone would be doing it.” We rarely stop and actually digest that statement. In reality we grossly underestimate the effort that goes into actualizing a goal. There is also a direct correlation between effort that we have to manufacture vs the complexity of the goal we are after.

    Growing up we are exposed to an abundance of fables, nursery rhymes, and stories that are intended to bolster our understanding about effort. The story many of us are familiar with is the story of The Little Train That Could. In the story we have a tiny steam engine train that is confronted with a task to take a heavy load up a mountain. He recited the phrase over and over “I think I can, I think I can” as he diligently applies himself to the task of hauling the heavy load up the mountain. In the end he succeeds against all odds!

    Though the story of the little engine makes for a cute bedtime story, how quickly we have discarded the message that it delivered to us in our childhood as we age. Perhaps as the routine of adulthood sets in we strive for comfort. Maybe we fall in love with the idea of success but fall quickly out of love with the work for success. No task worth doing is going to be easy. It will challenge every fiber of our being. It’s the moments when we are most frustrated that our commitment to change is being tested. Frustration arrives when we wade out into the unfamiliar because we do not yet have the tools to fully deal with the challenges we meet. If it’s unfamiliar, you truly are changing. And it’s in those very moments, when we have to confidently dig in and push full steam ahead and recite, “I think I can, I think I can.”

    Keep climbing that mountain because when the clouds near the top begin to obscure your vision, you may be closer to the summit than you think.

    Sean Lewis.

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