• Star-of-the-Week: Geneviève St-Jacques!!!


    Meet our newest Star-of-the-Week, Geneviève St-Jacques! Her story is simply amazing and a great example of our famous motto 80% nutrition and 20% fitness. Geneviève was training with her coach and lost 50 lbs over 15 months.

    Unfortunately, Geneviève was at a stand point and that’s where Fit Club 24 comes in! Fit Coach Annabel introduced her to our nutrition plan. Since then, Geneviève lost 18 lbs in 2 months which is more than 2.5x FASTER than her previous results. Geneviève is very grateful to be part of Fit Club 24 and says it is her second family. It is where she goes to recharge her batteries. She wanted to share her experience with all because this program works. Geneviève, we are so proud of you! Keep on inspiring others through your hard work and dedication!

    We present to you, with honor, Geneviève’s current stats:

    Weight                      136 lbs

    Body Fat                   26.6%

    Visceral fat              4 points

    Muscle mass            100 points

    Body water                51.3%

    Metabolic age          28 years

    Actual age                  41 years