• Star-Of-The-Week: Juan Ignacio Restrepo

    Congratulations to Juan for being our Star-Of-The-Week! Juan Ignacio Restrepo shows that if you combine proper nutrition with fitness you can get amazing results be it weight loss or weight gain!

    Before and After Juan

    1) Tell us about you. Where do you come from and what do you do.

    My name is Juan. I was born in Spain, raised in Colombia, and currently reside in Canada. I am a graduate student at McGill University, studying Mathematics (more specifically Number Theory). I am an aficionado of fitness and nutrition and a Fit Coach at FitClub24.

    2) What made you come to FitClub24?

    After moving to Canada I lost my athleticism and I started growing a belly. I met my coach at a random Zumba class and she told me about an “Active Body Challenge” she was going to host with some other friends. The concept of working out in groups didn’t appeal to me at first but I knew I was lacking something, so I decided to check it out. I loved it, so I started bringing some of my friends to work out with me, and I was asked if I wanted to help out. When I said yes, I was told that there was going to be a brand new Fitness and Nutrition center in Montreal, and we would be working there. I walked into FitClub24 the very first week and it was love at first sight! I found a community of people who all shared the same passion for fitness I had, and taught me all I needed to know about nutrition so I could obtain better results and start helping others out as well managing their weight, getting healthier and getting in the best shape of their life!

    3) Can you share with us your stats?

    Sure! Moving to Canada made me gain 30 lbs, unfortunately, not the best kind of weight. With the nutrition program, I managed to lose 16 lbs in five weeks. I firmly believe I found the best way to lose weight! We did not have the fancy Tanita back then, so I did not get a comprehensive set of stats before starting at FitClub24, but I have gained 8 lbs of lean muscle and managed to reduce my body fat percentage to 5%. I have doubled the number of push-ups I can do in a minute!

    4) Describe FitClub24 in one sentence.

    It is most definitely a powerhouse of results! Everyone who sticks to the nutrition program and exercises regularly obtains mesmerizing results. The community helps you stay motivated, gives you valuable advice and provides you with a plentiful supply of role models! Who would not want to get in shape this way?


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