• Star-Of-The-Week: Sandra Crecco

    Sandra Crecco has lost over 24 lbs in just 2 months by following religiously the nutrition and fitness program that her Fit Coach, Sonya Fernandez, had customized for her! Read her story below!

    Before and After Sandra Crecco

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    1) Tell us about you. Where do you come from and what do you do.
    My name is Sandra Crecco and I am a mother of two kids (6 & 7). I work full-time as a Property Manager in the downtown area, and it has been a struggle over the past few years to find time to eat right, stay healthy and lose weight. For the past 7 years, I have been playing tennis, and have never been able to get my body weight under control.

    2) What made you come to FitClub24?
    My breaking point before joining FitClub24 was the fact that my wedding ring no longer fit (after wearing it for over 14 years, and refusing to re-size it)! After meeting with Sonya Fernandez, my Fit Coach, I was hooked! She opened my eyes to what type of food to eat, and to take “5 minutes out of my busy work day” to sit down and eat a “small meal”. She also explained the importance of attending the Bootcamps in order to interact with other members, going though similar struggles of weight loss.

    3) Can you share with us your stats?

    My first weigh in was on March 10, and since then I have lost over 24 lbs, 6.3% body fat, 5 inches off my waist and my visceral fat went down by 2 points! Since I started FitClub24, I have been attending the bootcamp classes during my lunch breaks. I simply cannot live without them; they have become part of my daily routine. I definitely have more positive energy at work and at home. Of course, proper nutrition plays a big role!

    4) Describe Fitclub24 in one sentence.
    FitClub24 is exactly the type of motivation that I needed to start getting into shape and losing weight. The positive environment and dedication from all the trainers and Fit Coaches towards all the members is just amazing! I owe it all to FitClub24!


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