• What To Wear For An Intensive Workout

    Who says you can’t stay fashionable while working out? It’s all about knowing what to wear and how to pull it off. Most importantly, you want to be comfortable when you’re working out. Surprisingly, it may be difficult for some people to choose the right fitness gear for a specific workout. Depending on the class you take, you might want to think twice before choosing what to wear.


    We asked Coach David Dahiroc to give us some tips on how to choose the right workout attire for an intensive workout such as High Intensity Tactical Training (H.I.I.T) and Titan Training.

    What kind of clothes do you recommend us to wear when doing an intensive workout like H.I.I.T and Titan Training?

    During an intensive training, you’re constantly moving and you get short breaks. You want to keep your muscle warmed up and maximize your calories burned. When you’re looking to buy workout gear for an intensive class, you want to go with something like HEATWear clothing. These type of clothes keep your muscle warm throughout the training.

    You might want to consider wearing heatgear leggings as well! They have it for men and women. People’s legs tend to sweat, but with heatgear leggings, the sweat is absorbed and the material will dry up quickly. The heatgear leggings basically evaporate the moisture, leaving the fabric dry. That’s what early joggers wear during cold season when they’re running outside.


    You can choose to wear short or long sleeve shirts, but make sure you don’t wear any tight ones. When doing an intensive training, you need to have full flexibility and wearing a tight shirt can limit your mobility.

    Avoid wearing cotton shirts, because they absorb the sweat but it remains in the shirt and makes your shirt feel heavier on you. I also recommend you wear Dri-Fit clothes, but remember to wash it with cold water and hang dry it.

    Where do you recommend we go buy sport gear? What are the best brands in your opinion?

    You can find almost everything you need at Sports Export. NIKE and Under Armor are really good brands. In terms of quality and price, I’d go with NIKE, but if you want durability, I suggest you go with Northface.

    We’re starting to see more and more people wearing headbands when working out. Why is that? What’s the purpose of it?

    When you’re doing an intensive workout, it’s good to wear a headband because it absorbs the sweat from your forehead. Lululemon is one of the best brands for headbands. It’s wide and it doesn’t lose its elasticity over time.


    Now, you’re fully equipped to attend an intensive workout!

    What do you normally wear when doing an intensive workout? 


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