• What’s In Your Workout Bag?

    Has it ever happened to you when you open your workout bag and realize you forgot an essential item? In order to avoid a situation like this to occur again, the key is to prepare in advance. Perhaps you don’t know what to put in a workout bag, so we asked a few of our Fit Coaches to share with us their must-have items. It could give you some ideas on what to carry in your workout bag, so that during your next visit to the Club, you’ll have all your necessities on hand.

    Fit Coaches' Workout BagsWhat’s in your workout bag?
    Coach Gen’s must-have items:

    Fit Coach Gen's Workout Bag

      • My Under Armor Rubber headband to keep my hair in place
      • An extra pair of Under Armor leggings in case I need to change my workout gear
      • My pair of Nike Free 5.0 shoes
      • My Herbalife24 Water bottle to keep my body hydrated
      • My Herbalife Brazilian Tea in case I need an energy boost before a workout
      • Some invites, that way I’m always ready to invite a new person to the Club

    I always carry these items in my Nike MaxAir Backpack.

    Coach Adrien:

    Fit Coach Adrien's Workout Bag

    I do a lot of weight lifting, so I make sure to always bring my Liquid grip with me. I also carry my resistance bands when I do dynamic stretching and an extra tank top, because I need to change after an intensive workout.

    Coach Erika:

    Fit Coach Erika's Workout Bag

    I always carry two pairs of shoes in my workout bag, one for running and one for my Zumfit classes. I also bring two sets of workout gear in case I need to change, and I always have my favorite hats and Zumba bracelets with me. To keep my skin moisturized throughout the day, I use Herbalife Refreshing body cream and sometimes the Pomegranate & Raspberry Body, Room and Linen Spritz from Body Shop.

    Coach David Dahiroc:

    Fit Coach David's Workout Bag

    I spend a lot of time at the Club and at the gym working out, so I make sure I always have extra workout clothes. I also carry my Herbalife water bottle, which is always filled up, and multivitamins as well as my cell activator. Since I’m seeing a lot of new faces every day, I make sure I have a set of invites ready to be given away.
    What’s in YOUR workout bag? What are the items that you cannot live without?

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